About SelectFor

SelectFor brings together four leading practitioners in Continuous Cover forest management with a broad range of experience in the transformation of both Upland and Lowland forests.

Huw Denman
Huw is a forest manager based in West Wales. He has direct experience in the transformation of upland plantations and has studied the application of CCF principles abroad. He has a background in harvesting and marketing and in forest certification.
Phil Morgan BSc, FICFor, ACF
Phil manages upland spruce forests and farm woodlands in Wales and offers specialist CCF consultancy services through SelectFor. He is President of Pro Silva and Vice-president of the Association Futaie Irrégulière (AFI). A native French speaker, he is promoting the expansion of the AFI Network in Europe and the USA.
David Pengelly BSc For (Hons), FICFor
David is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and is an active committee member of the Wessex Silvicultural Group. Having worked in the forestry industry since the 1980’s and operated as an independent manager and consultant since 1997, he has considerable experience in a broad range of forestry related issues. David’s client base includes large estates, voluntary organisations, public sector and smaller privately owned woodlands, covering a range of forest and woodland types. David has particular expertise in timber harvesting and marketing.
Andy Poore MA (Cantab)(Econ), MSc (EnvFor)
Andy acts as a manager and consultant for a number of large private estates in South West England and other public and commercial clients. He is particularly experienced in managing sites with high nature conservation and heritage values. Other areas of expertise are broadleaved silviculture, forest economics and mensuration in irregular stands.